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Professor Roberta Ryan of the University of Newcastle appointed Independent Community Commissioner for the Aerotropolis.

May 11, 2021
Flo Mitchell

Professor Roberta Ryan of the University of Newcastle has been appointed by the NSW Government to be the Independent Community Commissioner for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Professor Ryan's new role involves addressing the concerns of landowners affected by the development of the Aerotropolis. This includes recommendations regarding strategic land acquisitions, providing access to expert advice to affected landowners, and connecting landholders with government stakeholders for clarity and support. The role will also see her examine the environmentally constrained land where many owners feel unable to now sell their land and who need support on how to navigate having land rezoned where it has a negative impact.

The Aerotropolis project is riddled with complaints from affected landowners due to rezoning that made some people's land unsellable and has turned others into overnight millionaires. There is also the question of fair compensation that is required to be on ‘Just Terms’  on the acquisitions of many properties.  Many residents indicated that they have had little to no consultation in regards to future land acquisition for public transport links to the new airport. The size of the land acquisitions has also let to further Inquiry which is not due to report until March 2021 – after many owners of land will already be acquired.

These issues will bring some significant challenges that the new Community Commissioner will face but we are delighted that there is some help for this Community and welcome her appointment. We will of course be in touch with the Commissioner to follow her work and will keep you updated.


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