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SANTOS Hunter Gas Pipeline Project

Are you affected by the SANTOS Hunter Gas Pipeline project?

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The pipeline route map displaying the approved 200 m corridor for the Hunter Gas Pipeline Project has been released.

The project is being developed by Hunter Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santos. We expect the project to start as soon as 15 October 2024, because the project approval will lapse if construction is not commenced by then. With that in mind, we recommend that you obtain legal advice immediately.

We specialise in compulsory acquisition law this is an easement which falls under this Act. We have represented many land owners for easements and are able to negotiate for you and fight for the right outcome.

What We Offer:

  • Legal Advice and Expert negotiation against Santos as we are already acting against Santos and are familiar with the proposed offers and terms of their offers.
  • We can negotiate a better outcome for you
  • We will obtain our own valuation by an expert in this field
  • We will ensure that your concerns regarding your land access and matters during construction are fully accounted for.
  • All costs are guaranteed to be paid by Santos as well as our valuation costs – Santos have not disclosed in their letters that this is a compulsory acquisition and it is covered by the Land Acquisition Just Terms Act which gives you a right to legal and valuation fees.

Online Seminar Sessions:

Thursday 11 April 2024:             9:30 am (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

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