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Princes Highway Upgrade

August 16, 2021
Flo Mitchell

Jervis Bay Road to Sussex Inlet Road Upgrade

Transport for NSW (TfNSW, but also commonly called the RMS) intends to upgrade sections of the Princes Highway between Jervis Bay Road and Sussex Inlet Road. The road upgrade by RMS aims to improve road-based transportation for this portion of the highway in order to carry people and cargo more safely and effectively along the NSW South Coast. The upgrade, which will also include road widening, would address the 126 crashes including 5 fatal crashes and 42 serious injury crashes on this section of highway in the five years from 2014 to 2018. The Princes Highway upgrade is looking at 20 kilometers of road that passes through a variety of local environment, landscapes, and settlements. Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd, a specialist in transport and traffic planning, were recently appointed for the investigation and planning phase of the project, which will include reviewing existing data, carrying out additional studies and commencing strategic design work. Once their work is done, it would be likely at that stage the RMS will know what land it is that they have to acquire.

TFNSW will need to acquire land so they can carry out road widening by agreement or by compulsory process, in accordance with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 (Just Terms Act). Property owners affected by the Princes Highway where there is to be acquisition of some of their land are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation is subject to many factors. TfNSW will be contacting property owners and tenants who are directly affected in due course, but it is advisable to have legal representation beforehand to understand the amount of acquisition compensation that you may be entitled to.

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