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Illawarra's Shellharbour Hospital Announced by NSW Government

September 17, 2020
Flo Mitchell

On September 8, the NSW Government announced a new $700 million hospital in Shellharbour, Illawarra.

The Infrastructure and Job Acceleration Fund will fund the new hospital.

The NSW Government is yet to determine the site of the new hospital, however does have sites in mind - one of which is located close to the railway line and highway. Such owners are likely to be contacted by Health Administration Authority to notify them that their land is to be acquired for the purposes of a hospital. In the past Health have approached land owners to voluntarily ask if they are interested in selling their land for the purposes of a hospital and invited owners to the negotiating table. Where the owners were not willing to accept the offers put on the value of their land, Health then initiated a compulsory acquisition of their land.

The Government aims to finish the compulsory land acquisition for the new hospital site within the next few months. This is likely to mean they have already identified the site but have chosen not to make this information publicly available. Most acquisitions of land take at least 12 months before ownership could pass so to say a site has not been identified and yet the work will start within a few months does not add up.

Please reach out to us for free legal advice if the NSW Government or NSW Health Department has contacted you in regards to the compulsory acquisition of your land for the Shellharbour Hospital. We acted for 21 land owners whose property was acquired for the extension of the Randwick Hospital by Health Administration.

We're experts in compulsory acquisition and we can work to get you the highest financial compensation for your land on the most convenient terms.

We can get the most up to date information for you on the zoning of your land and inform you of your rights. We can recover all of our fees from the NSW Government, which means no out-of-pocket fees for you.

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