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Beth Clarke

Beth is a paralegal at FM Legal which means she looks after all the back end support for the clients. Beth is studying law and social sciences at Macquarie University.

Her role at FM Legal involves assisting the solicitors in all matters. She will organise tax clearance certificates for vendors, work with you to ordinate meetings with the acquiring authority, valuers and your solicitors as well as deal with all day to day questions you have about your matter and the process of compulsory acquisition.

If your case is not a compulsory acquisition case, Beth’s role will look very similar to that above, liaising with you and our team to organise your case, meetings, research and appointments. She is the base point for communication and is there to answer your questions or delegate your needs to the appropriate person.

Beth undertakes legal research and ensures that every case and change in the law is considered. She assists with supporting the solicitors in obtaining documents such as accessing Council files, and lodging applications for information under the freedom of information legislation.

Beth is diligent and highly focused. She loves to also take place in University Drama and was the director of Macquarie University Law Revue in 2018.

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